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My mum names me and my siblings with simple, easy to spell names.




I have nearly always hated my name, hence preferring Kioni. I realise we were probably named that way because my mum is the only one of her siblings that has their name spelled wrong.

She’s a Lynnette. Two N’s, two T’s. My aunts and uncles are:






Granted, they all had the last name Fillips. With an F. Two I’s, two P’s.

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sassy-assy-angel ruined my life

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Beat Revelations on a quick play through for story. Now on to AC:III. I have a lot of catching up to do

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Dumb dog.

Dumb dog.

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If any of my friends want to meet up for a day at Michigan Adventure, they should let me know. Let’s make a thing of it yo.

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I am a tax paying adult. I work four jobs. I am riding a train.

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If you come through my drive thru any time within the hour before close, you have a fifty-fifty chance of getting hotter than hell, fresh from the fryer fries, or slightly cool, but still crispy fries that have been tossed into a cooling holding unit because someone else came through and I made too many fries, but the fry station is off so I can clean it as soon as we close.

People who get food ten minutes before close are the bane of my existence. People who order chicken two minutes before close when it takes five minutes to cook deserve a special place in the under world.

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These two toms are Ray and Buddy (not their real names probably but that’s what I call them) and they show up at my back porch a lot.

My mum said they were feral meanies but both are sweet and nuzzly. Ray is the one with the throat wound I want so badly to patch. But if I bring him indoors I’m afraid he’d just go after Ave Maria.

There’s one more tom but he doesn’t come up to me. Yet.

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"Everlasting life? I imagine it would be kind of lonely. Well, maybe if you had someone to share it with. Someone you loved." - Stardust (2007)
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